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Treats & Food

We have shared our home with dogs for almost 30 years, and find we sell only those products that we trust with our own dogs.


Therefore we offer the following items:

Eagle Pack Holistic Select dry food
This dry food is available in 6#, 15# and 30# size for dogs. This is available in a variety of formulas and kibble size. If you are interested in a particular formula, we are able to order it in as we do not believe in maintaining a large supply of food. We would prefer to get in what you need as fresh as possible. Just call and let us know your interest.

Regal Pet food
This is another fine food in a 4#, 15# and 30# size dry. One of the formulas in this brand is for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This food is also an all natural formula, with no corn, wheat, or soy. Available in many varieties and formulas, including venison and salmon. This food is also readily available for us to receive if you are interested.


In canned foods we carry Merrick and Eagle Pack.

Our white rawhide chews are made in the USA. We also have some pressed rawhides and different treats that are constantly changing. One of these treats are the K-9 Granola Crunchers. This fine treat is made of all human grade ingredients, so you will know exactly how good the reward will taste for your dogs excellent behaviour!

We are also very proud to offer Miss Lucy's Dog Treats, completely made in Dover Pennsylvania! Many of you have seen and purchased these items at local craft or events throughout the year. Now you can find them here at Millstone Kennels!! If you see something on that you want, just let us know and we will be happy to get the product for your dog! We do require that a human calls in the order as many dogs are quite sneaky about using the computers and cell phones.

Chihuahua Shopping
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