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Boarding for Dogs, Cats & Other Domestic Pets

We have always maintained an unlisted telephone number because we want people to come see our facility. On that note we have built our business thru referrals from the many fine veterinarians and clients we have been fortunate to know over the years. We welcome and encourage owners to go see a kennel before randomly selecting the temporary home for their pet. Our aim is for cleanliness, safety, and your trust

New prices are effective as of Jan 1, 2024

Dog Boarding
Our kennel has 30 inside enclosures with all having access outside to a 4' by 25' cement run. Each inside area has a resting bench, but many dogs prefer to lie on the tile floor, especially in the summer. All food and water bowls are provided and cleaned daily, and you are welcome to bring a blanket or similar item from home, along with toys. The entire kennel is air conditioned and heated year round.


Our boarding rates include:

- Fresh food twice daily, unless instructed differently
- Fresh water provided on a continual basis
- Elevated bedding
- Music continually
- Medication administered per your schedule & instructions
- Access to fresh air, exercise and sun as each new day 
- Knowing that we as owners are at the kennel and live on       the same property

1st dog..........$35.00/day

2nd dog from the same home.........$30.00/day

Bathing is available prior to pick up. Please ask for rates at time of drop off.

All new boarders need to fill out paperwork. Click here to download

Cat Boarding

Over the years we have opened our doors to the antics and delightful talking cats. They have become an integral part of our facility and their gentle sounds make us smile. All cats have their own special cat condos in the cattery (dog-free section) of our boarding facility to provide them a safe and stress free environment.The cattery is a separate climate controlled room with a fresh air ventilation system. Cats get regular and loving attention from our staff.

We are glad to give your cat our food or yours from home at no extra cost. We provide food and water bowls, as well as blankets, but you are more than welcome to bring your cats favorite toy and bedding.

New rates below will be effective as of January 1, 2019


1st Cat ..................$15 per day
2nd Cat ................$13 per day

Medicine: $5.00 a day
Shots: $7.00 a day

All new boarders need to fill out paperwork. Click here to download

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